Our Bedroom – working progress


We have owned our house for two years now, It flew! I can’t even believe it. I had so many plans and dreams for my house, and then home ownership got the best of me and its hard work! Keeping up with lawn maintenance, things breaking, taking care of a house is hard work i tell ya! It’s not all beautiful decor and fun renos!

Our Bedroom; It’s far from where i want it to be, but little by little i am finding pieces i want in my home! { Follow me on pinterest to see all my home decor plans and my style! } I love shabby chic floral, whites, soft colors but i also love color and blush and grey’s so my style is basically all over the place but Hey! That’s what i have 4 bedrooms in my house for, different style in each room!

A few of my favorite things about my bedroom so far;

Wooden Slat Wall – I absoutely love the wooden slat wall at the back behind my bed, it adds so much character to our bedroom! I HATE that they painted it and we will never get that gorgeous rustic wood look back but For now, i love the deminsion it adds to my main wall!

White bedding – I LOVE my white bedding! People literally say to me all the time, white bedding… are you insane?! Um no girl, white bedding is the sh*t! Seriously, bleach. I bleach my sheets like once every 2 weeks, then i wash it again to get the icky chemicals out! But… they come out sooo fresh, so white, SO clean! I love the feeling of white bedding, it just feels so clean and airy!

Gold – I have little hints of gold all around my bedroom, I have these little gold mirrors i purchased from target… oh target I miss you!! I have a inspirational sign from winners *Shine Bright* – And all my gold jewels which….. are kinda the main attraction… i mean!

My side tables – they are actually supposed to be for a bathroom… i think. I got them from jysk and i love them so much! They are taller then my bed but i’m obsessed with them. Clean crisp white with X detail on the side, they are perfect for having the most beautiful side tables!

My childhood desk – When we moved to Canada, i was 9 my parents bought me this beautiful antique white set, it was fit for a princess (aka.me) and i never wanted to let it go! It came with a gorgeous sleigh bed and i wish i still had it for my girls, But i do still have the desk. This desk needs to be refinished so badly, another thing i said i was going to do right away… One day ill get to it! It fits in my bedroom so perfectly! It displays all of my stella pretties and i just love it! One day ill pass it along to my girls… But she’s too pretty in my room for now!

I’ll update pictures in daylight tomorrow, its late and i forgot! Worst blog mama!

Xoxo, B


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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada theblushmom@gmail.com

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