I did a lot of research before having krew, He was my last baby and I wanted to make sure I explored all of my options. Delayed bathing is one thing I chose to do, and ill tell you why. I had no idea any of this information with the girls and that’s why I decided to share a blog post on this topic!

When babies are born, they are born with that cheesy white coating on them which is called their “vernix coating” – it is as soft as can be but also has many benefits to keeping it on for as long as possible!

  • Fighting against infection. Think of it as a layer of protection. The vernix coating contains proteins that prevent against common bacterial infections. Bacteria such as group b strep, and e.coli are often transmitted to newborns during delivery.
  • Bonding with Breastfeeding. Getting a great latch and bonding with your baby in their first 48 hours of life is so key. You are all they know at this point, they want to be held against your warm skin, hear your voice, nurse often. Bathing your newborn to soon can disrupt that precious bonding time, for some babies their first bath can be quite dramatic so its best to hold off for a while
  • Moisturizing. The vernix coating is the worlds best moisturizer. This helps with babies dry skin, cradle cap.
  • Temperature. If you have already had a baby at the hospital, you know they come and check on babies temp every few hours to make sure it hasn’t spiked or dropped. Bathing a baby to soon can make their temperature drop low in result to needing to be under a heat lamp. Keeping babe on your chest can keep them at the perfect temp!

There is more reasons I chose to delay bathing, those first few days at home after you have a baby are healing days… for laying in bed snuggling your baby, soaking in all those precious moments that go by so fast. You don’t need to worry about the stress of bathing your newborn, which is stressful for you and them! By day 7 when we bathed krew, he definitely was starting to get stinky and if you wait to long for bathing their skin can get raw in the cracks so that is also something to keep in mind. From what I read and what my midwife suggests Is bathing around the 5-7 day mark whichever you are comfortable with.

We have only used on krews skin and no soap as I want it to be as gentle as possible for him. The bebe de luxe has been one of the best baby purchases ever. We use it for the girls and even ourselves, It is 100% toxin free food grade… so yes you can eat it and you may want to after you smell it! It has been a huge life saver for bum rashes.. He has had no baby acne, no red marks, no cradle cap! I highly recommend this amazing product!

I hope you found this blog post helpful for delayed bathing and why we chose to do so! I’m sorry I have been so MIA – I definitely should have schedule some blog posts as I didn’t realize how hectic my life would be with three kidlets! I am loving it though! Make sure you come follow on my instagram as I post there daily!

xoxo, b



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