Ahhh you guys, since school has started full time i feel like i have been loosing my marbles. How do you guys do it? Out of the door by 8.20 – All three kids fed, bathed, dressed. School lunch made, Plus krew is teething lately. I am barely keeping it together…. Teach me all your tricks and tell me how long this chaos lasts before i finally figure out a routine?! PLEASE

The only thing that has been my saving grace for school lunches is our planet box! I seriously swear by this stainless steel “bento box” and could not do school without it! I hated in school, how we would waste 100 ziplock bags and when we ran out my mom would use tinfoil for everything and it drove me crazy! Maybe that’s the OCD coming out of me?

I knew when I saw these planet boxes, I needed to get my hands on one of them! It makes school lunches so much easier! I know i only need the one box for her entire lunch plus a snack, but they even come with these cute little stainless steel containers for messy food or dip, or i just use them for snack! You know on those last days you really should have gone grocery shopping but you didn’t and you have no idea what to pack for school lunch? welcome to my life….. This is when this box is really my best friend because i can put together a whole bunch of different picky foods and still look like i have seriously got it together ( which my friends, i do not but lets not tell the other moms at the school that )

AND If you guys know me, you know i’m a sucker for anything eco friendly, and toxin free but needs to last and be worth the investment.. that’s why i absolutely love this box is stainless steel, good to be left out in the sun all day if need be and it contains no nasties in it! They are basically indestructible!

You guys, these lunch boxes are so worth the investment and I know we will be able to pass it down to maisie, and krew that’s how great the quality are! If you want to pick one up you can shop them here – there is a few different sizes but we went with the ROVER.

xoxo, b


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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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