Christmas – can you believe we are talking about this right now? It feels as if I’ve blinked and the whole year is gone! It doesn’t help having a new baby. I’ve found it makes things go by in fast forward mode.

As some of you may know we have plans to head over to the UK for Christmas this year. We have gone the past couple of years and are fortunate we get to go again. Since we are going to be away, our kids will get their pressies early, and something little on Christmas Day!

Heading over to the UK for 3 weeks is a costly bill, let alone having 3 kids to buy for this Christmas, hence I needed to stay on budget with our Christmas presents. I checked out the Walmart Toy Academy, a new online platform featuring all the top toys of the season that can be sorted by price point, and age range and interests, and we picked up everything we needed.

My girls had some pretty long wish lists, but with toys ranging from $20-35. I was able to get pretty much everything. (Did I mention Walmart ships directly to your door? This is how we need to do Christmas shopping, am I right mamas?) But, you can also buy toys in-store.



The girls playing with Egged On  ($14) and Barbie Glam Convertible ($20) – both featured in the Toy Academy’s Top Toys Under $50 list.

My girls have been obsessed with the big 18″ dolls for ages now, but have you seen how expensive some of them can be? I came across the My Life AS Dolls, at a price tag that is more than reasonable – just $29! Featured in the Toy Academy’s Top Toys Under $50, the girls each got a doll and they haven’t put them down, Maisie even sleeps with hers! I love that they have so many different outfits and accessories to choose from! Plus these dolls are available in girl and boy options and come in a variety of ethnicities, careers and styles so there really is one for little kid.

The girls are all about dolls at the moment so this was a big mama win!


Krew got a new walker because boy, this kid is ready to run!!! He started letting-go and standing alone at 7 months. Is this normal you guys?! Are boys this daring?! My girls were so mellow compared to this little guy. No one ever told me boys would be so much more active than girls. He loves his Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker ($35) also featured in the Toy Academy’s Top Toy Under $50 list. He moves all around the house then sits down and plays with the lights and games on the front for hours (I say within 1 more month we will have a walker on our hands!)

One last thing i wanted to share with you guys is, This game Egged On ($14) – If you haven’t added this game to your Christmas list, it is a must! So much fun for the whole family. I don’t think i have laughed that hard in such a long time. You get a carton of ‘faux’ eggs that you fill up with water, and you take a turn on the spinner that comes with the game to see what you have to do. The best one to get is “Egg another person” but of course, everyone thought it would be best to get mama! I was totally soaked by the end. I am pretty sure my girls were cheating and filling up too many eggs with water, but it was so much fun! We will definitely pack this game in our suitcase to the UK. It is a big family tradition of ours to play board games on Christmas Day and this game will be a great one!

With 3 kids, I can barely get dressed, let alone get all of them out the door to shop for Christmas gifts! Walmart made it so easy this year with Toy Academy! The toys I featured were just a few of our favorites from our early Christmas this year, but they have so many options to choose from including all the trending kids toys this year!

xoxo, Bethany


This post is sponsored by Walmart Canada as part of the Toy Academy program. In exchange for this review, I have received special perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own.


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